Jan 28, 2015

Simple algorithm to prevent oozing problems on dual extruders

James Yong developed a small g-code algorithm to help prevent oozing in dual extruder printing by producing a small barrier to scrape off the oozing filament.

Here is the g-code he uses:
Layer change G-code:
G92 E0;
G1 E-0.5 F1200;
G92 E0;
G1 X96.450 Y60.8 F5000;
G1 E1.5 F1500;
G92 E0;
G1 X96.450 Y36.650 E0.07476 F1500.000;
G1 X96.950 Y36.650 E0.08390;
G1 X96.950 Y65.150 E0.23935;
G1 X96.450 Y65.150 E0.24850;
G1 X96.450 Y60.813 E0.32782;
G1 X95.950 Y60.813 F5400.000;
G1 X95.950 Y36.150 E0.41309 F1500.000;
G1 X97.450 Y36.150 E0.44053;
G1 X97.450 Y65.650 E0.61427;
G1 X95.950 Y65.650 E0.64170 F1500.000;
G1 X95.950 Y60.888 E0.72879;
G4 P200; wait for ooze to slow
G92 E0;
G1 X174.750 Y61.9 F5000;
G1 E1.4 F1500;
G92 E0;
G1 X174.750 Y37.750 E0.07476 F1500.000;
G1 X175.250 Y37.750 E0.08390;
G1 X175.250 Y66.250 E0.23935;
G1 X174.750 Y66.250 E0.24850;
G1 X174.750 Y61.913 E0.32782;
G1 X174.250 Y61.913 F5400.000;
G1 X174.250 Y37.250 E0.41309 F1500.000;
G1 X175.750 Y37.250 E0.44053;
G1 X175.750 Y66.750 E0.61427;
G1 X174.250 Y66.750 E0.64170 F1500.000;
G1 X174.250 Y61.988 E0.72879;
G4 P200; wait for ooze to slow
Tool change G-code:
G1 X80 Y40 F4000;
G1 X130 Y40 F4000;
G1 X130 Y55 F4000;
G1 X190 Y55 F4000;
He uses Prusa i3 with double extruder, Slic3r, Marlin firmware and Repetier Host.

On the left you can see a "barricade" that binds oozing filament and on the right the dual 3d printed object that looks very good.

Here is a detailed video of algorithm in action and it really does prevent oozing remains on the printed object and increases print quality:

Here is a video showing a similar purge - wipe wall feature in Makerware but with much higher walls and more filament spending.

I don't own dual extruder machine or have much experience with dual extruders so let me know your opinions and experiences in the comments. Thank you James for sharing the code!