Jan 31, 2015

Robert Cicetti claims he made first hemp based 3d printing filament

Robert Cicetti claims he made worlds first hemp based 3d printing filament.
His pictures look cool but there are no details about the material or how its made. It is still cool, hemp could be very cost effective and environmentally sustainable filament source.
Since I have not found any additional information, the filament could be type of plastic polymer derived form hemp or some standard plastic like PLA with hemp fibre added. Both could have uses for 3d printing.
Hopefully Robert will publish some more data on his invention!

Hamp has some fiberous properties and it is not the first plant material used for making a 3d printing filament. Potato waste (Solany) and soy (FilaSoy) based filaments were made in the past.

Hemp is used to make high quality plastics for different purposes, you can read more about it here: