Jan 18, 2015

Model rocket breaks sound barrier with 3d printed fins

Steve Jurvetson made this model hobby rocket which has 3d printed stabilizing fins made from PLA. The rocket is small but it went supersonic at Mach 1.8! Maybe this is normal for this type of DIY rockets but it looks great to me!

Here are the specifications of two rockets shown in the video:
  • The first one is a a minimum diameter 38mm blue tube + golf ball nose + 3D-printed Makerbot fin can. The J270 takes this puppy from 0 to 1,363 MPH (Mach 1.8) in 2.6 seconds! According to RockSim, it topped out at 9,454 ft.
  • The second flight was a simpler Estes with D12 booster staging to a C6-7, with a Sharpie pen as upper nose cone/weight. The J-motor on left is 32x the D motor on right.
Look at that rocket speeding up for the sky!

Source and photostream:

Here is the picture of the rocket, you can clearly see the fin can at the bottom with heart shapes:

Here is Steve's TED talk about this rocket build. Looks like Steve is a big guy in tech field:
Steve Jurvetson may be one of the most respected and successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, but he is also an avid rocket maker, traveling regularly to Nevada's Black Rock Desert to launch the latest iteration. Steve shares blast-off stories and some thoughts about where his "hobby" and his profession intersect. From the Bay Area Maker Faire 2014 Center Stage.