Jan 11, 2015

FreeLSS open source DIY 3d scanner with 3d printed parts and Raspberry Pi

FreeLSS is a simple DIY 3d scanner that looks easy to make if you know some basic stuff like 3d printing and Raspberry Pi operating. It has most of a parts 3d printable and electronics is based on Pi and Pi camera. It is open source and all the files are available! Kudos to the team!

FreeLSS description from the project page:
FreeLSS is a free as in open source, open hardware, and open electronic design 3D printable turn table laser scanning platform based on the Raspberry Pi. It is written in C++ and licensed under the GPL.
The scanning software runs self-contained on the Raspberry Pi without the need for a connected computer via USB. The user interface is completely web based and is exposed via libmicrohttpd on the Pi.
Laser sensing is performed via the official 5 MP Raspberry Pi camera. The camera can be operated in either video or still mode. Video mode camera access is provided by the Raspicam library. Reference designs for the electronics to control the lasers and turn table are available as Fritzing files. Access to the GPIO pins are provided by wiringPi.
FreeLSS technical specifications:
  • Fully 3D Printable
  • Point cloud export
  • Triangle mesh export
  • Assisted calibration
  • Support for dual laser lines (right and left)
  • Up to 6400 samples per table revolution (with reference electronics)
  • 5 megapixel camera sensor
  • Support for camera Still mode and Video code
  • Configurable Image Processing Settings
  • Ability to generate images at different stages of the image processing pipeline for debugging
  • Persistant storage of previous scans
  • Manual control of lasers and turn table
  • Flexible architecture
  • Output formats: PLY - Colored Point Cloud, XYZ - Comma Delimited 3D Point Cloud, STL - 3D Triangle Mesh
FreeLSS homepage:

GitHub with all the files:

Here is a video of scanner in action:

I couldn't find any test, reviews or comparisons with other DIY 3d scanners, but if somebody has any experience put it in the comments ...