Jan 12, 2015

Digitrax3D MH5 3d printing copy machine with five extruders

Digitrax3D MH5 is a type of 3d printing copy machine with five extruders which can print five objects at the same time.
It is still a prototype but market for this type of device is probably growing and the team is working on versions with with 8 and 10 heads with a print area of 55 x 28 cm.

Digitrax technical specifications from manufacturer page:
  • The first 3D printer with 5 adjustable (in position and temperature) heads
  • Product 5 times faster
  • Rigid aluminum frame with A6063-T5 quality
  • Precision: 100μ
  • Filament: 1.75
  • Material: PLA for MH5, PLA, ABS for HD Version 5.1
  • Machine size: 77x57x55 cm
  • 28x28x20 volume printing (15,680 cm3) - And soon 60x30 cm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Connection: USB or micro SD card
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 Standard, others on request
  • Possibility to choose of use 1 head or 2 or 5
  • Quick assembly, removing or adjustment spacing of the 5 heads
  • Individual temperature control by LCD for each head
  • Lighting by LEDs of the work plan
  • 1 year warranty
  • Manufacturing: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Possibility of remote maintenance
  • With current 3D printers, for produce only 1 PLA pot of 8 cm high request 1h 4mn of printing time
  • With MH5, the same pot was duplicated in 15 units in 3h 21mn
  • Result = only 13.4 minutes per piece

Here is video of Digitrax 3d copy machine working:

Digitrax facebook page: