Dec 13, 2014

Vinci DIY compound bow with 3d printed parts

Vinci is a DIY compound bow that you can make with 3d printed parts and some fiberglass limbs. This bow has some 30 pounds of draw weight in its current version, but it is a third version and the improvements are visible in each new build.
Many of the available parts could be used in other DIY archery projects.

Here is a video of bow in action:

DIY drop away arrow rest:

All the 3d printing files needed and construction instructions can be found at:

Vinci bow is in the third iteration, here is the previous version, the Vinci Mark 2 with much lower draw weight:

3d printing is used in many other hobby and DIY archery projects like: DIY bow quiver,  3d printed sight mount and stabilizer for hig power compound bow, DIY archery sight pin and target pins, DIY arrow fletcher and other DIY archery accessories like knocks and other useful things.

Here you can see a DIY bow made from some old skis and 3d printed parts:

Looks like a home / workshop 3d printer is must-have tool for all archery hackers!

Update here is a new project: working 3d printed DIY bow hand!