Dec 3, 2014

Sli3DR 3d printer by RichRap

Sli3DR (pronounced Slider) is a new DIY open source 3d printer developed by famous RichRap. It has unique moment mechanics configuration that uses Spectra line.

Sli3DR has excellent print results

Here is a diagram of "unnamed" mechanical movement that is used on this machine with Spectra line which originates from old pen plotter machine:

You can find out more about this mechanism on RichRap's blog.

Update: one of the commentators claims it that the mechanism is similar to the movement of Stratasys Fortus machines. Since I'm not familiar with them I can not confirm it ... hopefully this mechanism will be identified and it's origins clarified ...

Richrap's blog and introduction source post:

You can get all the filees needed to make it on Youmagine:

... and GitHub including Repetier Firmware: