Dec 17, 2014

RamanPi DIY 3d printable Raman Spectrometer

RamanPi is open source project of Raman Spectrometer that can be made with many 3d printable parts. It is a low cost way to get a spectroscope for your laboratory or school and learn / teach about fundamental physics, chemistry and material sciences. It is powered by Raspberry Pi and most non-printable parts can be sourced off-the-shelf. The entire system is housed in standard PC ITX case.

Goals of the RamanPi project:
  • Make it Open.. Everything.. All of it.. 
  • Make it 3D Printable. 
  • Make it modular and easy to upgrade. 
  • Make it as easy to build as possible. 
  • Make it easy to customize and open to improvement. 
  • Use only commonly available off the shelf components whenever possible. 
  • Have a remote interface that will allow it to be controlled and viewed from anywhere. 
  • Compare the spectra to the online internet spectral databases. 
  • Provide the capability to log data to remote databases, share with friends and colleagues.. 
  • Not be just another open source spectrometer.. 
  • Make it easy to use and intuitive. 
  • Make it attractive with an elegant design.. 
  • Make it useful and just cool to have!

Detailed construction guide and technical details can be found at:

RamanPi GitHub:

There are more DIY 3d printed spectrometer  projects:

Videos from the RamanPi project: