Dec 12, 2014

PiBot rotary bed 3d printer with dual paste extruder

PiBot is polar movement 3d printer that can print with paste materials from dual syringe extruders. It is inspired by PiMaker polar 3d printer which has very detailed build instructions.

From project description:
As part of Francis Bitonti and Xuedi Chen's vertical studio at the architecture school of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, teams of 3 were given the task to design a paste extruding 3d printer. Our team initially put together a Printrbot Simple Maker's Edition, and using the basic concepts behind this printer, as well as inspiration drawn from the PiMaker, designed our own.
The main features of the PiBot are a flexible dual extruder system combined with a rotating polar bed. This grants us the ability to both print one object with a combination of materials from the two extruders, as well as print two of the same object at the same time, due to the rotating bed.
Team: Nicholas Nord, Hiroki Sawai, Lauren Famularo

All the files for making your own PiBot are here: