Dec 27, 2014

ImproTable 1000 large 3d printer with multifeed mixing nozzle and Twin 3d printer

ImproTable 1000 is a big custom made DIY 3d printer developed by James Chang. It has 1m x 1m printing surface and unique mixing extruder with five filament input ports. It mixes the color of filaments and looks like it is working fine and fast.
There are no details or design plans of this machine released.

Here is ImproTable 1000 (great name btw ...) in action:

Here is a focus on the quint-extruder:

On James YouTube channel there is also a video of Twin 3d printer that has two separate independent dual extruders:

Hopefully we will find out more about James Chang and his machines in the future ...

Five filament  types of different colors go in the nozzle, what would happen when different filament materials would be mixed?