Dec 8, 2014

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer is new technology challenger

HP was absent from the 3d printing scene but now the company is back with new additive manufacturing technology called Multi Jet Fusion which promises much improved performance over current market players.It will be interesting to see the response from other companies, competition and new performance milestones will push the entire industry.

Now, this is not you DIY or home 3d printer, but when you look at first paper laser printers that were the size of a room, one could see that size and price can go down until one day you will have a HP desktop 3d printer at your workshop or home office.

HP Multi Jet Fusion main advantages according to manufacturer:

Breakthrough economics
  • Area-wide imaging and fewer steps drive speeds 10 times faster; best-in-class total cost of ownership includes helping reduce energy and waste
New quality levels
  • HP Thermal Inkjet arrays, delivering multiple liquid agents, can drive new levels of accuracy with uniform part strength in all three axis directions
Full-color 3D solutions
  • HP color science expertise can bring the color capabilities of traditional printing into the 3D world

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer. I'm not a fan of the design, it looks like HP's digital camera I owned around 2000s...

Illustration of Multi Jet Fusion process ..

Here is a compilation of videos showing the Hp's new Multi Jet Fusion technology:

In this video you can see the objects printed, the speed is amazing with this multicolored refinery model printed in 15 minutes. Be aware that this is only according to HP's claims, independent review and testing is not available. There are also no information on price of this HP's 3d printer or the price of refill materials.

You can learn more about Multi Jet Fusion here:

Here is PDF whitepaper on the tehcnology:

HP also released Sprout which combines PC, projector, and 3D scanner. It is a desktop computer aimed at Makers, designers and creative types of all kinds. It features HP Workspace integrated in Windows 8.1 that creates new tool paradigm for 3d object manipulation.