Dec 12, 2014

Funbot i1 RepRap 3d printer is new, cheap and simple machine from Sweden

Here is a new RepRap 3d printer project: the Funbot i1 developed by Cliff Mellangård from Reprap österlen in Sweden.
Funbot is still in development phase, but it looks like nice working machine. The project goal is to make simple, cheap and easy to make DIY 3d printer. One of the key advantages of the Funbot design is that it uses 10 mm chromed copper water pipes that are uses commonly for plumbing and can be cheaply found at any hardware store.

Funbot print volume is x = 155mm y = 170mm z = 120mm.

As I'm in constant communication with Cliff who is making new updates on a frequent basis, I'll report on new developments as they are published.

All the details, files for making your version and detailed video construction guide can be found at:

Here is video of Funbot i1 in action showing the print quality:

Update (13.1.2015.):

Some new upgrades on the Funbot (Cliff wanted me to add: x axis is 165 and y axis is still 170 but sadly so is the z axis only 115 mm now):

Update (28.1.2015.):

Here is a very useful video tutorial from Funbot project about common problems with RAMPS 1.4 and a how-to guide for beginners.

Update (7.2.2015.):

Cliff is continuing to improve his design (print volume is now 165 on x and 170 on y and 120 on z) and released a new detailed construction guide videos (you can find all assembly videos on his channel):

Here is user news flash with the extruder mount simplification:

Funbot community is growing and first makes were posted on Thingiverse:

You GO Cliff! You nutty professor from Sweden!

Update (8.2.2015.):

Here is a NEW update! Cliff is a hard worker and very frequent updater :-)
This update includes simplified frame calibration and option to rotate the extruder 90 degrees that make it more solid when feeding tight rolled rolls of PLA filament.

Update (16.2.2015.):

Here is new update from Cliff of Funbot, he made 3d printable DIY bushings...

Update (21.2.2015.):

Thingiverse user anntho madea more "steampunk" version of the Funbot:

Update (22.2.2015.):

Here is video showing the design progress and evolution of Funbot project. It is a video with music background with no narration, but if you interested in design and development process of an open source 3d printer you will notice the iterative process.

Update (23.2.2015.):

MadMike8 from USA made a Funbot version with bronze bushings and bowden extruder:

Update (7.3.2015.):

Cliffs latest version Funbot is printing. here is the video of the first print:

Update (13.3.2015.):

New cleaned features and how to use new winged bushings: