Dec 30, 2014

BuzzBox universal 3d printer enclosure

3D printing is in fast expansion, so the accessories makers are emerging to give your 3d printer new upgrades. BuzzBox is a 3d printer enclosure that will increase print quality and decrease harmful side-effects like fumes and noise.

BuzzBox 3d printer enclosure features:
  • Reduce or eliminate issues like warping, curling, cracking, noise, heat loss, or harmful fumes
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 16″ x 11″ (mostly small-er machines like Afinia-s...) 
  • Two tool holders
  • Carbon activated filter system (Lower and upper inlets)
  • Open source components (not the case itself, but various attachments) 
  • Easy swing door with magnetic latches
  • 3 filament spool holders
  • Filament guide rod
  • Rubber feet to reduce vibrations
  • Laser cut acrylic design for durability
  • Future versions will incorporate LED lighting and an active fan system with controller
  • Made in Jasper, Indiana, USA.
  • Price: $275 up to $500 depending of a version   

BuzzBox enclosure Kickstarter video presentation:

BuzzBox homepage:

BuzzBox is on Kickstarter:

If you want to make your own enclosure from simple and cheap materials take a look at following projects:

And here is a guide on how to CAD design and CNC cut the enclosure with step-by-step tutorial: