Dec 27, 2014

BetAbram construction 3d printers from Slovenia

Slovenia is our little neighboring country to the west and they have several 3d printing projects like: KORUZA laser wifi, PrintGreen and TroubleMaker 3d printer. Now they have a bigger  machine in the game that can print large concrete structures or buildings with BetAbram series of large 3d printers.
The machines are moving on a rail system and feature metal gantry with extruder that deposits concrete / cement mixture layers.

BetAbram has three different sized printers: P1, P2 and P3. Z-axis height is theoretically unlimited since it can be extended with a rails systems to print tall buildings. 
In the X and Y axes, the P3 can 3d print buildings with plate surface of 4 meters x 3 meters (12 square meters), the P2 is capable of 12 meters x 6 meters (72 square meters), and the biggest, P1 is capable of 16 meters x 9 meters (144 square meters).

Prices will probably range starting from 15000 euro up to 30000 euro. 

Here is a video of BetAbram machine in action:

BetAbram company page: