Dec 29, 2014

3&DBot holonomic robotic 3d printer from Brazil

3&DBot is holonomic, omnidirectional wheels, independently moving 3d printing robot from Brazil. It can move on theoretically unlimited print surface and print with modeling clay, ceramics, earthenware and other pasty mixtures since it prints with a syringe based extruder.
The control is wireless (WiFi) from a host computer and via Arduino controller.

This small hexagonal printer was developed by staff at NEXT (three-dimensional experimentation lab) and LIFE (physical computing lab) of PUC-Rio design program.
The parts printed are very rough but the concept is working and probably will be improved in the future.

Here is video of 3&DBot in action:

Here is the first holonomic drive 3d printer project which was unique at that time, and the movable part was the print platform. It was ultra cheap and made with recycled optical mice: