Oct 16, 2014

You don't own a 3d printer but you want to 3d print something? Now you can with 3DPrinterOS!

As a part of pre-release promotion and testing the people behind 3DPrinterOS enable everyone to use 3d printer of one of the team members via their software web interface.

From their release:
Prior to the full release of 3DPrinterOS, you can sign up and test out our software.

For those without 3D Printers who want to try 3D Printing, Aaron from our team made this walkthrough for requesting access to his 3D Printer (Makerbot Replicator 2) he has in Brooklyn, NY.
We will be posting some of these prints on our site and our twitter (@3DPrinterOS).
Relevant links:
To sign up: download current software: request Aaron's printer: aaron (at)

I'm not sure how long will this action last, but I'm sure that 3DPrinterOS will have success in the future.