Oct 27, 2014

TRiBOT will give you 3d printing, CNC milling and injection molding in one machine

TRiBOT is a world’s first 3-in-1 manufacturing machine that allows you to 3D print, CNC mill and injection mold and it's developed by Luminar Products. It looks like a heavy duty home manufacturing machine that could enhance capabilities of hobbyist, professional home craftsman or even small company.
The concept of all-in.one machine has both supporters and critics, advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to decide.
The price is in the 8000 USD range so it will definitely not be in everyone's garage.

TRiBOT technical specifications from Kickstarter page:
The TRiBOT Machine Includes:
  • The Base 130 pound base mill converted to CNC with a www.stirlingsteele.com 3 axis motion control kit
  • Enhanced 11 x 5 x 11 travel area
  • 3 NEMA 23 steppers 
  • 4 axis step and direction controller/driver & DC power supply 
  • 0.200 pitch Z axis ball screw 
  • X and Y Lead Screws 
  • Extruder 3D Printer head which includes a 70 oz/in NEMA 23 gear-head stepper motor, Stainless steel feed tube with 1.5 inch tall copper, heater block 100 watt heater cartridge, Thermocouple and cooling fan 
  • Filament injection mold head Includes a 120 oz/in NEMA 23 gear-head stepper motor Stainless steel feed tube with 4 inch tall aluminum heater block 280 watt heater cartridge Thermocouple and cooling fan 
  • 2 PIC digital temperature controllers boxed in an electronic enclosure 
  • 3D printing stage plate 
  • Sample pack of 3mm diameter PLA printing filament 
  • Tooling package including: Vise, 6 piece end mill set, collet set, parallel set, 0-1/2” drill chuck, assorted wrenches, T-Nuts, mounting screws, bar clamps and step blocks 
  • Wheeled steel service cart with 2 shelves
  • Power strip with built in circuit breaker 
  • Desktop computer with Linux OS, Linux CNC, MeshCAM, Slic3r, and FreeCAD 3D drawing software all pre-installed and ready to use. 
  • Computer monitor - key board - mouse - cables
  • One set of blank aluminum mold plates 

3D printer specifications:

11x5x11 build area. Capable of printing multiple plastics at temperatures up to 400 degrees C. Luminar Products super extruder print head with gear head stepper, very strong solid aluminum print head body, copper heater block with stainless steel feed tube and brass nozzles. Prints up to 75 mm per second. 3 amp 4 axis motion controller with 8 micro steps for 1600 steps per motor revolution

CNC Milling Machine specifications:

11x5x11 XYZ travel All cast iron, dovetailed ways heavy duty X2D mini-mill shipping weight about 140 pounds R8 spindle taper accepts common tooling Variable speed DC spindle motor T slotted cast iron table 1 inch drilling capability , 3/4 inch milling capability The CNC converted milling machine also retains its ability to be used as a manual mill when needed

Automatic injection molding machine specifications:

Can inject single or multiple cavities of equal or different shot sizes. Molded parts can be created from a 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) spool of plastic plastic weld rod or printer filament. This means no filling with pelletized plastic in between each part. Plastic weld rod or filament is available in many plastic types and colors. computer programmed in g-code for automatic injection molding Powerful NEMA 23 200 in/oz stepper motor driven gear head mounted to a Luminar Products super extruder print head with an enlarged 300 watt powered heater block for rapid shot recovery. controlled with g-code so shot size can be programmed for each mold cavity.

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