Oct 26, 2014

Repstrap 3d printer that is easy and cheap to make with timber pieces structure

Here is very simple, low cost and easy to make wooden Repstrap 3d printer presented on Thingiverse developed by user "skeat". It has a relatively small print volume (120mm x 120mm x 100mm) but it was designed as very simple and cheap machine to produce 3d printed parts for your "bigger" machine.
You will need only few common hand tools and materials. The structural frame is made from 12.5mm x 24mm wood pieces and 6mm plywood held by screws and liquid nails.

The design is based on Prusa i3, so the vitamins needed are:
  • 6x smooth rods 
  • 1x M5 threaded rod 
  • 11x LM8UU linear bearings 
  • 4x stepper motors 
  • 2x 608 ball bearings 
  • pulley and belts 
  • 1x coupling
Only 3d printed part is the extruder.

I love the design style:

Here is video of it in action:

All the details and building instructions can be found at:

To see more wood frame printers, with some that need no 3d printed or cnc cut parts, go to: