Oct 20, 2014

RepRapWeb open source software will control your 3d printers remotely via Raspberry Pi

RepRapWeb is a fully functional open source 3d printer controller software UI which runs over http web protocol on Raspberry Pi.  It is developed by Andrew Hodel. It has some interesting features.
RepRapWeb features:
  • Free - Licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL)
  • Includes Slicing Software - Convert STL -> GCODE all within the same interface using CuraEngine or Slic3r
  • Nothing to install on your computer - Runs completely on Raspberry Pi, use any computer from anywhere to control it
  • Wireless Networking - Ethernet and 802.11 Wireless Connectivity for your printer
  • STL Visualizer - View your prints before you print them
  • Multi Printer Support - Control as many printers as you have USB ports all within the same interface
  • Complete Printer Control - Pause and unpause your prints in realtime, set and view temperatures and control movements
  • Auto Level Support - Includes support for printers which support Autolevel.
  • Fast - Quick and responsive interface, almost immediate slicing with CuraEngine

GitHub repository: