Oct 21, 2014

Put your 3d printer or CNC on this open source map

Matteo developed this digital fabrication tools open source map. You can put your rent / share   machine of any kind on the map to initiate communication, visibility and more business.

The name of the project is "Attrezzi Digitali" (Digital Tools) since its developer is based in Italy, but the form has English text and you can use it anywhere in the world.

Follow this instructions:

This is a crowdsourced and opendata map of tools that normally should be found in a Makers Space.
The map is to localized tools such as 3d printers, laser cutter etc… A simple way to localize the tools you have around you and to inform the world if you want to rent a tool.
The map is open for everyone: LABs, people, Makers Shops. Is possible to define if the tool is personal, for sell or rent.
If you find some improvements or bugs you can contact me at pratosmart@gmail.com.
All is based on Google Document Form, CSV data (Opendata) and OpenStreetMap.
How does it work? Simple.
  1. Fill form fields to record your tool.
  2. In address field please put at least the city and country of the tool. If you want a best geolocation put also street and number.
  3. Send your data clicking on INVIA button.
  4. On the map actually are present some commands to autolocalize yourself and share the map on socials. With the “New…” on the navigation bar you have access to the data form to add a new tool.
UPDATE: Is possible map the tools also with a geolocated tweet with hashtag #attrezzidigitali, please put a picture of your tool in the tweet and send it, it will be mapped in about 15 minutes!
The hashtag to share the idea is #attrezzidigitali
To integrate map on your site please use this code.

The Map is available here.

Here is the interactive map. The number of points changes detailed level as you zoom in or out. You can get the detailed tool information by clicking the point on the map:

Here is the image of the map at the time of this post, hopefully you will use it and increase the number of points to connect with your wider area: