Oct 26, 2014

MSF 3d printer is work of a Repstrap genius

This wonderful DIY 3d printer was made by peterthinks and it is a work of a Repstrap genius with its improvisations, innovations and rough design. The entire machine cost around 120 USD and it will get even cheaper.
I'm a big fan of wood frame machines and building stuff with anything you got available.

Here is the presentation of MSF 3d printer (you will find out what MSF acronym stands for later on in the description ...):

Here is MSF moving:

From project description:
This is not a kit. This is an introduction to the Monkey Shit Fight repstrap RepRap. It is seeking it's end-stops as it prepares to print a louse. That's me mumbling in the background trying to not sound like a crazy shut-in.
It's super easy to put together and I want to make a laser cut version. I've eliminated almost all the parts associated with traditional RepRaps. Not including the base I have the entire machine frame down to 10 wood parts. I will have the kit down to about 7 laser cut parts and 4 of those will be exactly the same dimensions. Pretty simple stuff!
I built this for about $120. That includes all electronics, motors and materials. Eliminating one of the Z axis motors really lowered the part count and increased the Z resolution. The V grove pulleys do double duty in that regard. They multiply the lifting force of the motor and increase the number of steps required to move up a millimeter. All the design changes I have made to improve this RepRap including fixed drive belt sections attached to metal edging, using Kevlar to tension the frame,
The blind nut adjusters for the Z axis smooth rod leveling, The flying gantry X carriage, The single motor Z axis pulley and carriage bolt Kevlar suspension system for the X carriage and the silicone tubing tensioning idler for the Y axis are all free to use for private non commercial use under the GPL licence. So if you wanna use these improvements on your own personal machine feel free. If you want to use these in a kit or sell upgrades for commercially available machines you'll need permission.
The build area is about 250 by 350 by 200 millimeters but I got it dialed down to match the heated bed till I can make a bigger one. All work was done with simple hand tools. The most exotic tools used were a Dremel a cheap drill press and a ancient one speed hand drill.
MSF Repstrap parts list:
1 Sheet of plywood for base
2 Y rod wood ends
4 wood screws to attach Y rod ends
2 sections smooth rod for Y axis

2 Z rod wood ends
2 wood screws to attach Z rod base
2 hose clamps to secure Z rod top
2 sections smooth rod for Z axis

2 wood adjustment horns for top of Z axis
2 blind nuts
2 bolts
2 wood screws to attach horns to top of Z axis
1 washer
1 screw
2 bearings
1 V groove bearing cover

1 Z axis motor
1 long hex nut drilled to take a pin
1 pin
1 nut
1 carriage bolt
1 carriage bolt end guide
1 bracket
2 wood screws to attach bracket to bolt guide
1 wood brace for Z string idlers
2 Z string idlers
2 screws to attach Z string idlers
1 length 150 pound Kevlar for Z axis string
1 counterweight for end of Z string
(Most of the Z axis top assembly will become 1 laser cut part later)

1 base for Y axis
1 Y axis motor
1 motor pulley gear
1 set screw
1 length of belt
1 length of aluminum molding
4 linear bearings
12 wood braces to box in the four bearings
4 screws
4 washers
4 springs
1 heated bed
1 sheet of glass
4 spring clips
1 length silicone tubing
2 screws to attach tubing to brackets
2 brackets to attach tubing to Y axis base

1 base for X carriage
4 linear bearings
4 sticks to brace bearings
8 zip ties to attach bearings
3 screws
6 bearings
3 V groove bearing covers
1 length of belt
1 length of aluminum molding
3 lock nuts

4 stepper drivers
1 ramps
1 arduino
3 endstops
2 thermistors

1 hotend
1 hotend heater

1 extruder motor
3 base parts for extruder
1 screw
3 bolts
2 nuts
4 washers
1 extruder gear
1 set screw
1 bearing
1 bearing arm
1 bowden tube
1 bowden end
1 bowden end bracket

2 lengths 150 pound Kevlar string for bracing
2 turnbuckles
4 wood screws

Crazy glue