Oct 25, 2014

Kinect for Windows gives you direct 3d scanning into 3d Builder app

Microsoft is getting stronger into 3d printing with this new integration of Kinect for Windows as 3d scanner into their 3D Builder Windows application.

In their promotional video they are showing Kinect being use as a sort of family oriented imaging device, a kind of 3d camera. I would like to see it being used to 3d scan some sort of small mechanical part, since this function more suits my hobby needs. Hopefully we will see more DIY oriented reviews or tests in the future.

Kinect for Windows has developer SDK platform available for independent developers so 3d scanning and input into more 3d printing or CAD software could be available in the future.

You can manipulate 3d scanned object in 3D Builder by touch controls on Microsoft surface tablet 

Kinect for Windows home page:

And this is probably just a beginning ... 3d scanning could be integrated in all tablets and smartphones in future ...