Oct 10, 2014

Kerbal Space Program DIY 3d printed game controller based on Apollo guidance computer

Reddit user KK4TEE made this awesome must-have 3d printed game accessory if you are Kerbal Space Program fan. It is a custom designed game controller that lets you read flight data and pilot your in-game spaceship. The device is powered by Arduino and communicates with Telemachus module inside the game. The design is based on original DSKY Apollo guidance computer.
I tried playing Kerbal Space Program some time ago and loved it but I lack time and concentration so I left it ... maybe sometimes in the future I'll have all the time I need ...

Great work KK4TEE!

Reddit thread about enclosure build:

and here is a thread about construction of electronics board:

All the files needed for 3d printing the enclosure:

All the code and instructions needed for Arduino to communicate with Telemachus module inside Kerbal Space Program:

All images from the project: