Oct 21, 2014

iBox Nano SLA 3d printer is best in EVERYTHING except print volume and purpose

It's the world's smallest 3D printer, it's the quietest, simplest and most affordable 3D printer on the market. It has EVERYTHING ... well ... except printvolume ... or purpose ... I really don't see the usage scenario. Maybe for some specific hobby or modelling applications. Still it is a interesting small machine.

Here are the technical specifications and key features:
  • Printer Technology: Stereolithography (LCD)
  • Build Envelope: 40 x 20 x 90mm
  • Resolution X-Y: 328 Microns
  • Print Material: iBox Resin or Makerjuice
  • Power Consumption During Print: 2.7 Watts
  • Maximum Z Precision: 0.39 Microns
  • Noise Volume: 29 db
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Optional battery for up to 10 hours of printing
  • Controlled by Raspberry Pi and remote control (computer, tablet, smartphone with web browser)
  • Price: $189 early bird, $299 retail
From Kickstarter:
  • The iBox Nano is designed to produce high resolution prints with the touch of a button 
  • There is no software to install so you can spend less time setting up prints and more time printing 
  • A robust ecosystem of open source and free software for 3D modeling and editing 
  • WiFi enabled so you can print untethered
  • Battery powered option for on-the-go printing (optional purchase).
  • The iBox Nano is:
  • The worlds smallest Resin printer 
  • The worlds most affordable Resin printer 
  • The worlds only battery powered (option) Resin printer 
  • The worlds first production LCD based UV Resin printer 
  • The worlds quietest 3D printer 
  • The worlds lightest 3D printer

iBox Nano is now on Kickstarter where you can find more technical details and comparison data:


iBox homepage: http://www.iboxprinters.com/