Oct 22, 2014

Hacking your 3d printer into home manufacturing solder paste dispenser

"Jake" and "hzeller" developed a project where KiCAD (open source electronics board development software) files are converted into g code to enable solder past dispensing with a DIY 3d printer on electronic boards.

They hacked a Type A machines printer into home manufacturing solder paste dispenser. The dispenser uses solder paste (aka. solder cream) applied trough syringe with air pressure. The team behind the project still has not released hardware specifications and details.

This project is interesting since it could enable anyone to make low cost desktop home manufacturing station and produce series of electronics boards.

The syringe dispenser pressure unit can be done at home workshop, here is a different project for reference:

Solder paste is heated after dispensing on electronics board surface to melt and fuse the conection closing the electric circuit.

Here is the original code for solder paste dispensing that converts KiCAD files to g-code:

the project is further developed to include pick-and-place capabilities:

Now you can start your own small desktop electronics factory :-)