Oct 10, 2014

FlatFab software lets you design in 2d surfaces to make 3d objects for CNC cutting

FlatFab is a new CAD software that lets you intuitively design with two dimensional surfaces which you can then combine in 3d objects. It looks ideal for designing furniture or objects for CNC cutting.

I'm really getting interested in CNC cutting and milling since you can make larger functional objects like furniture from cheap materials like plywood.

Here is a simple FlatFab tutorial:

FlatFab homepage where you can download the software: 

There is no information on price or open source availability. It looks like it is in early stages of development so new features and improvements can be expected. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Here is a response from FlatFab team member:

"hi, flatfab is not open source at the moment, but it is FREE, and we intend to keep it that way. we also plan to grow with our user community so try it out and keep your feature requests coming."

Nice job FlatFab!

FlatFab user interface

Small pencil holder made with FlatFab


here is flatfab UIST 2014 presentation "Interactive modeling with planar sections":