Oct 22, 2014

Airwolf3D releases Wolfbite ABS chemical print surface adhesive

Airwolf 3D released their chemical ABS filament adhesion product that is applied on glass print bed and vastly improves its ABS "stickiness". My impression was that the technology is moving away from adhesives in juice, glue or spray form and towards more high tech print surface materials. Still, there must be a market niche for this even in the future.

From video description:
Airwolf 3D is proud to announce a new solution for adhering ABS straight to the glass on the bed of most 3D printers. No more warped, cracked or peeling parts. Apply one thin coat to the glass and it will last several prints. Water soluble, so cleaning is easy. Use Wolfbite to get better adhesion to the glass with ABS, and also to easier release parts from the glass when done printing
There is no information on the composition or ingredients of the Wolfbite.

It is priced at $19.95


Airwolf just released Wolfbite Nano for PLA: