Sep 29, 2014

WirePrint wireframe 3d printable models for faster prototyping by Hasso Plattner Institute and Cornell University

Researchers from Hasso Plattner Institute and Cornell University developed WirePrint software for faster prototyping. It basically custs down the time needed to 3d print an object by replacing solid volumes with wire frames.

A question comes to my mind: if this is publicly funded institute will the release the code under one of open source license? Public money should provide public with some tangible goods and services ...
I don't know much about how this sort of institution operates, gets funding and disseminates knowledge form applied research ...

Update: here is some sort of similar code on GitHub, inspired but not related to this project but creates wire frames:

From video description:
WirePrint is a low-fi fabrication technique that prints 3D models as wireframe previews. By extruding filament directly into 3D space instead of printing layer-wise, we achieve a speed-up of up to 10x compared to traditional 3D printing.
This project is a collaboration between Hasso Plattner Institute and Cornell University.
More Information:
WirePrint is a research project by:
Stefanie Mueller,
Sangha Im,
Serafima Gurevich,
Alexander Teibrich,
Lisa Pfisterer,
François Guimbretière,
Patrick Baudisch,

This institute had a previous faBrickation project that uses Lego blocks for volume replacement in rapid prototyping: