Sep 21, 2014

RepRapPro Ormerod 2 3d printer just released

RepRapPro just release Ormerod 2 3d printer which features many improvements over the first version and the lower price.

Oremerod 2 tech specs:
  • Full open-source self-replicating RepRap
  • New 32-bit Arduino-compatible Duet electronics enable control via a web-browser
  • Wiring loom for simple plug-in connection – no soldering
  • IR probing for self-aligned printing – no bed adjustment required
  • Build volume: 200x200x200mm
  • Overall size: 500x460x410mm
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Printing materials: ABS, PLA, 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic.
  • Build surface: PCB-heated bed to reduce complexity of assembly and to ensure parts do not warp.
  • Computer interfaces: USB and Ethernet
  • X-carriage: Three Z-adjustable deposition head mounts; one head supplied
  • Motion: Linear ball bearings on X, Y and Z axes.
  • Pre-soldered electronics with built-in microSD card slot for standalone printing.
  • Enhancements to the printed parts to improve the ease of assembly of the X and Y axes

There are many improvements over first Ormerod 3d printer:

  • The Y carriage belt location and retention are improved by using printed parts rather than the laser-cut parts. This makes for easier belt tension adjustment. 
  • The Y motor is now the same way round as the other two axes, which means that the Y axis can be zeroed more simply (previously the axis was designed with a high-end stop switch). 
  • The heated bed support is a three-point support which makes bed level adjustment easier. 
  • The infra-red Z/Bed probe is now differential, meaning that readings are taken with the IR LED on and then subtracted from readings with it off. This gives much less interference from ambient light and it is more accurate.
  • The extruder has much better access for cleaning and it has a locked drive stack that improves reliability. 
  • The power supply is for worldwide universal voltage and is integrated into the machine compactly so there is no power distribution PCB needed, and there are no trailing wires other than the mains lead and the communications. 
  • There are better integrated and simpler wiring looms, so still no soldering, but even easier wiring assembly. 
  •  There is an improved web interface, and you get even higher quality prints from better motion control. (All the new software is backwards compatible with Ormerod 1 so Ormerod 1 owners benefit from that too.)
  • There is simpler assembly and the build instructions are even more detailed.

  • Ormerod 2 is priced at £449 plus VAT (if applicable) for the full kit and £389 plus VAT (if applicable) for the the hardware only kits.

    Press release:

    All the documentation, assembly guide, calibration guide and operation manual can be found at: