Aug 26, 2014

Sintratec desktop laser sintering 3d printer coming soon at affordable price (Update: they presented a good machine and had great Indiegogo!)

Let the desktop laser sintering revolution begin!

Sintratec is company from Switzerland that wants to develop first  desktop selective laser sintering DIY 3d printer. They aim to launch a crowdfunding campaign in October to raise money to ship at least 60 kit printers with price under 3999 euro ($5,277).

The main feature is that they will replace CO2 laser used in current SLS machines with diode laser which is cheaper and visible by human eye which gives more safety.

These videos show that they are already successful with prototype 3d printers and that the printed objects are strong:

Company homepage:

Sintratec desktop SLS 3d printer prototype, the "Bobby" with 130mm cubed print volume

Example of object printed on Sintratec machine

Update (29.1.2015.):

Sintratec presented a finished machine and had a successful Indiegogo campaign where they raised  $213,337 out of their $175,000 target.
Looks like we will have laser sintering on our desktops soon. Maybe they will be standard machine type.

Here is the presentation video:

Technical specifications from the Indiegogo:
  • Compact Size: 550x530x360mm. Fits on your desk.
  • Build Volume: 130x130x130mm. Laser sintering allows you to stack objects or place them diagonally in the build volume resulting in a maximum build dimension of 225mm and thus, making the build volume quite large.
  • Diode Laser: 2300mW, blue laser. The laser is compact and comes with high quality optics. The laser light is visible, making optical adjusting safer. Laser safety glasses are included in the kit.
  • Main Print Material: Nylon PA12 Powder. Very strong and high resolution parts. Flexible if printed thin. Dark in color to better absorb the laser.
  • Heated Laser Sintering: Both with a heating coil and optical heaters. A heated build chamber opens a whole new world of 3D printing: Objects don’t have to be fixed down on a build plate as it is the case with cold laser sintering, stereolithography or filament 3D printing.
  • Priced from USD 3999 to USD 4999 on Indiegogo 

Final design looks much better then the prototype

Sintratec Indiegog page: