Aug 15, 2014

Make a low cost DIY hydroponics system with 3Dponics modules and used plastic bottles

As I wrote in previous DIY aquaponics post, I'm researching from my future projects. I discovered 3DPonics which is modular system of 3d printed elements that enables you to create low cost home hydroponic system for growing plants in used plastic bottles.
Growing vegetables in most types of plastic bottles and containers is considered safe.

The system is completely free and open source. I'm huge supporter of open source movement and this is very important point for me. I think it is alos possible to "upgrade" it with a fishtank to get fully aquaponic growth system.

It looks like an ideal setup for small spaces bot indoor and outdoor. Maybe I'll build this for next growing season. I'm gathering plastic bottles for other projects and have seed material for old types of tomatoes and peppers. Growing your own food is like growing your own money.
Maybe next year ...

Check it out:

Kickstarter campaign (probably used as promotion tool) promotion video:

Here is a hydroponic system based on 3dponics on a small apartment balcony:

Here is short guide on how to build the system:

Project homepage:

3DPonics Kickstarter:

You can watch 3dponics system on a balcony via live cam:

All instructions and files can be found at:

3dponics hydroponic system indoors 

3dponics hyrdroponic system on a balcony

3dponics system overview 

You could also 3d print the most of the water pump and make DIY peristaltic pump or other type:

Peristaltic pump 3d printed and powered by standard NEMA motor:

Go explore DIY water pumps for your aquaponic / hydroponic systems here:

Here is my first post on using 3d printed parts in aquaponic / hydroponic food growing that also has some introduction videos on the topic:

Update (30.9.2014.):

Here is detailed video interview about 3Dponics with Luke Rudkowski, This video describes the system, philosophy behind it and future developments. Open Source everything!