Aug 4, 2014

D3D ONE-EVO high speed 3d printer made by Italian engineering and Danish electronics

D3D ONE-EVO 3d printer

DYNAMO 3D is new company from Italy who partnered up with Create it REAL, a Danish company specialized in developing electronics for 3D printers.
Their machine called ONE-EVO and here are the key features from their page:
"With the D3D ONE EVO we looked to improve significantly the print speed that could represent for customers an obstacle to buying a 3D printer” says Daniele Puca, president of DYNAMO 3D. "We have worked with Create it REAL and the results are more than satisfactory. The printer goes 4 times faster than any other model in the market so far, printing up to 400mm/sec (yes printing, not just moving). Thanks to this new technology it will be possible to build large objects in a very short time and it is a real revolution in home 3D printer”.

The machine also features the Remote Diagnostic System, new technology where the chip control what happens on the motherboard. This allows the customers to send an email to the technical service with data collected in case of problems and therefore increases the quality of support provided to the customer. Its work plan also sees an increased volume and offers 240 x 240 x 250 mm to satisfy your creativity.

Tech specs:
  • Print Speed 30 – 700mm/s
  • Possibility to print with ABS / PLA / FLEX and prepared for other materials
  • Chassis Material: methacrylate impact resistant with UV Screen Printing / Aluminium Accessories
  • Available in different colors: WhiteOrange – MultiDrops – Caleido – GreenHexagon – WhiteGreen -MultiForms
  • Machine dimensions: 38x44x45 cm
  • Weight: 13kg – shipping weight [23kg]
  • Printing MAX Volume: 24x24x25 cm
  • Display LCD/SD for 3Dprinter with SD card and USB key
  • Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
  • Ready for 2nd Nozzle
  • Filament: diameter 2.85mm
  • Working Software RealVision D3D
  • DYNAMO 3D will unveil their new machine at the 3D Printing Show in London (September 4-6, Stand P22) and Paris (October 17-18, Stand P22). On this occasion, it will be possible to pre-order your 3D printer at the special price 1900 € ex VAT).

ONE-EVO comes in many different colors