Aug 3, 2014

3d printable customizable screw-in lens cap that fits any photography lens

My girlfriend is into photography and she lost five lens caps in last three yeas. They are not expensive, but the cost adds up and you have to wait for them to be delivered especially when you live in Croatia.
Here is the perfect solution, a fully customizable 3d printable screw in lens cap you can print on your home machine.

It is an freely available OpenSCAD program that lets you use the Thingiverse Customizer to specify the parameters:
  • Cap Diameter
  • Cap Pitch
  • Cap Tolerance
  • Cap Thick
  • Cap Label Position
  • Cap Name 
It costs less than $0.15 worth of materials to make a typical size lens cap and they can even double as color references.

Here is the files you need and Customizer:

Detailed build guide is here:

The project was developed by Prof. Hank Dietz

There is even a company which makes something similar, but since now you can make it at home, maybe they will run out of business.