Jul 30, 2014

Video tutorial on how to use Marlin EEPROM functions

You can store Marlin setting directly in EEPROM memory. On each boot, Marlin will automatically load these settings from EEPROM, independent of what your compiled Configuration.h says.

The Marlin EEPROM settings include the following:
  • Steps per mm
  • Maximum feedrates [mm/s]
  • Maximum Acceleration [mm/s2]
  • Acceleration
  • Retract Acceleration
  • PID settings
  • Homing Offset
  • Minimum feedrate [mm/s]
  • Minimum travel feedrate [mm/s]
  • Minimum segement time [ms]
  • Maximum X-Y jerk [mm/s]
  • Maximum Z jerk [mm/s]
Another excellent tutorial by ZennmasterM! He is producing some high quality video tutorials in field of 3d printing.

Here is also an additional post from Solidoodle wiki about Marlin EEPROM functions: