Jul 9, 2014

Printing with magnetic fields to get advanced magnetic objects with Correlated Magnetics MagPrinters

Correlated Magnetics makes printers that print with magnetic fields on metal surfaces to get some advanced magnetic properties and enable them to make magnetic cinematic machines. 

MagPrinter technical description:
Correlated Magnetics Research has developed an integrated magnetizing system to support development and manufacture of coded multipole magnetic structures – Polymagnets® – from any magnetizable material.The system features a computer-controlled platform that moves a platform tray relative to a specialized ‘printhead’ that produces a focused high intensity magnetizing field that creates a single, well-defined, remnant magnetic source element (maxel) at a prescribed location.

The system is capable of producing hundreds of such maxels per minute, and enables the creation of patterned mulitpole magnetic structures that function as no ordinary magnet can. The MagPrinter is designed to print maxels on the surface of any permanent magnet material from rare-earth based materials to ceramics, and even flexible materials.
The fifth-generation MagPrinter incorporates a modular ‘pulser’ subsystem. Multiple pulsers can operate in parallel to support large scale mass-production demand.
The MagPrinter features an advanced user-environment with automated geometry placement functions, a robust editing toolset, and a storage and retrieval library to allow rapid design, modification, physical prototyping, and cataloging of coded magnet structures.
The MagPrinter runs on standard 110V AC power and includes laptop controller, standard print-tray platforms, and libraries of engineered Polymagnet patterns to produce stronger attach forces, controlled field emission and field reach, and multiple examples of advanced functionality for attach-release, attach-repel, alignment, contactless attachment (hover), and switchable force systems.
From Polymagnet concept to completion, the MagPrinter system provides all the tools necessary for rapid magnet prototyping and manufacture.

Here is a smaller Mini MagPrinter version and some more details about the technology:

Mini MagPrinter description:
The Mini MagPrinter® is built for product design professionals to integrate advanced magnet functions into new consumer and industrial products. The Mini MagPrinter system includes CMR’s Polymagnet Catalog® of pre-engineered magnetic functions, and the design software to customize magnet behavior or design Polymagnet functionality from scratch.

The Mini MagPrinter is a desktop rapid-prototyping magnetization system that ‘prints’ arrays of magnetic regions onto a single piece of magnetic material to produce a Polymagnet – a patterned magnet tailored to a specific behavior, strength, and field distribution. Each Polymagnet is a system of smaller magnets (maxels) of mixed polarity in patterns that are imprinted by the Mini MagPrinter. A conventional magnet can be transformed into a Polymagnet by placing the magnet into the Mini MagPrinter, choosing a pattern from the Polymagnet Catalog, and re-programming the magnet to perform new functions not possible with conventional magnetization. The Mini MagPrinter produces Polymagnets on the strongest neodymium magnets, flexible materials, ferrites and specialized materials such as samarium cobalt.

There are many examples of magnetic mechanisms you can make:

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