Jul 12, 2014

Hyperform will help you create big objects in small printvolumes with folding chains

Hyperform is design technology concept where you can print big structures in small 3d printer print volumes by transforming them into shapes that can be made with folding and interlocking chains. You'll get it when you watch the video.

As far as I can see there is no software released, or any real-life application but the technology will probably find its way to the market and users in some form.

As 3D printers become affordable and ubiquitous, they are also becoming smaller, placing severe constraints on the scale of objects we can create. Hyperform is an investigation into folding as a computational design strategy for compressing large scale objects into the small volume of desktop 3D printers.
Hyperform was developed by:
Marcelo Coelho (
Skylar Tibbits (
Formlabs, Inc (
Support by: Ars Electronica and [The Next Idea] Voestalpine Art and Technology Grant