Jul 22, 2014

Hacking vintage Triumph TR3 car with 3d printing

In this video EpicenterBryan shows how he modified his vintage cars tail lights with a help of 3d printing to install LED lights for more safety. You can call it modifying but I call it hacking. Realistic and usable merger of new and old technology.  It is also an tribute to DIY culture and handcraft since there were no robots involved in production of this Triumph.

He writes:
Here is one of my many projects. I thought our YouTube subscribers might get a kick out of this one. Some of you might know that I'm into old British cars, and have been my entire life. They are stylish and sexy. They are quirky and failure prone. Early ones have such serious safety issues I'm surprised any of us ever survived driving them all these years.

The stock Triumph TR3 has only one center brake light and if it fails, people run into you. That is why most early cars have been tagged in the rear. The right and left tail lights are only used as runner lights and turn signals. I wanted a quick and easy way to add brake lighting before making a bunch of wiring changes to the car. In the near future I will be adding relays in the tail to convert the function of the bright element of the 1157 dual element bulb to be not only turn signals but also brake lights. I have already designed and printed the 3D parts needed to mount the relays and will do another video if people are interested.
In this video I show how I added simple LED panel lights to serve as brake indicators in the existing tail lights with no other modifications. It takes a 3D printer to make the parts, and I'm sure several people will be interested in how the parts are made as well.