Jul 26, 2014

FUSE Clamp filament welding device for continuous and multicolored 3d printing

Fuse Camp is small filament welding device that will enable you to permanently connect two pieces of filament on-the-fly. You can attach it to your printers frame which will give you continuous filament if you run out of it or just want to add different color. Looks like a very practical gadget.

The Fuse Clamp is available in two sizes, one to weld 1,75mm filament together and the other for 3,0mm filament. It works with just about any type of spooled material, including ABS, PLA, PVA and Nylon. You can even mix multiple colours together to create multicolor prints without the need for dual extruders.

FUSE was developed by Pedro M. Librero

Fuse clamp Indiegogo campaign where you can get it for some 80 USD or 59 Euro: