Jul 5, 2014

Filament Factory low cost DIY filament extruder with detailed construction guide

This homebuilt machine produces between 4-5 meters of filament per minute from ABS / PLA pellets. That output is equivalent of one kilogram of 1,75mm filament in one hour. When you factor in that the one kilogram of pellets can be bought as low as one dollar per kilo, you get a real desktop filament factory that will lower your operating cost, especially if you produce many printed parts. The price of the parts needed to assemble this filament extruder is in 130 -150 USD range, which is really affordable. The construction is relatively simple, electric motor powered auger moves plastic pellets and pushes them trough heated extruder where they melt into continuous filament.

It was designed, built and shared by Ian McMill. Kudos Mr. McMill.

Detailed build guide and all other information can be found at:

Filament Factory. The design has a steampunk /  mad scientist appeal :-)