Jul 4, 2014

Ewe Industries filament extruder from Italy

Ewe Industries is Italian startup that presented their filament extruder. Italians are well known for their industrial design and this machine is no exception. Hopefully there will be some independent reviews soon.

Tech specs:

Operating system:
  • Hardware Arduino and shields developed by Ewe industries
  • Firmware Developed by Ewe industries
  • Temperature Settings: Can be set to stay constant at any temperature between 40°C to 230°C
  • Extrude Rate: 25 cm\min to 50 cm\min (9.85 inch \min to 19.7 inch\min) plastic and diameter dependent
  • Input Material ABS, PLA and colorant…other materials are in test phase
  • Spooling Speed Variable
  • Hopper capacity: 500 grams
  • Nozzle dimension: 1,75 mm – 3,00 mm (interchangeable nozzles)
Dimensions & Weight:
  • Max dimension: 17 cm x 37 cm (6.7 inch x 14.58 inch)
  • Max weight: 4 kg
Display & Joystick:
  • Display Blu LCD 16×2 Lines
  • Joystick 5 Function
Power requirements:
  • AC input 100–240V
  • DC output 12 v 20A

  • Supporting Structure Reinforced Steel

The Ewe extruder is now available for purchase on the Ewe Industries website starting at 330€. They offer 3 different options:
  • Filament Extruder Starter Kit, 330€
  • Filament Extruder Assembled Kit, 490€
  • Filament Extruder Deluxe, 690€