Jul 22, 2014

Erectorbot large volume 3d printer and Erectostruder pellet extruder

Erectorbot is new large volume DIY 3d printer developed by Leonard Dodd. Beside large volume it features exchangable heads for a CNC plasma cutter, router, and welder.

From EB1 homepage:
ErectorBot or EB1 is a large scale 3D printing full service gantry bot. Part of a series, our EB1 is the largest of the group. Just as in racing, we pushed the limits of precision and then bring this technology back down to size. So whether its our desktop model, 3ft x 2ft x 2ft or it’s one of the 3 larger models we offer.
You will enjoy TWICE the printable space (build area) in the same amount of space as you will find in the more conventional setups. This also allows us to treat the heat bed a little differently as well. No weight issues. Dynamics don’t change as your model grows. And neither should your wallet. The stationary bed design is modular and very low cost. And how about NOT HAVING to level the bed every model or run? We can choose our table to tip gap by extruder temp.

It will be priced at range of $11,500 to $35,000.

Erectostruder is pellet 3d printing exruder that can also be mounted on EB1 that can use different types of materials and be used as a filament extruder.

  • Runs even the small Nema 17 and powerful doing so.
  • Shift-able planetary gears (high -Low)
  • Easy clean up (4 thumb screws)
  • Extreme temp range – frozen slush to 300 C
  • Resolution – the smallest standard up to 2mm
  • Customization – steam punk ~ beer still- high tech (3 themes thus far)
  • Liquid Cool compatible
  • High volume hopper options – laser vac
  • Twin element for precise control
  • Two sized augers for different sized pellets.
  • Arduino micro kit (stand alone ) filament extruder mode. (Yes doubles as a filament machine.)
  • All metal main components, ultra light, TIG welded, hand crafted by a master metal modeler and serialized.
  • Quick mount/release.
  • Multi head compatible.