Jul 29, 2014

DropLit sub $600 DLP 3d printer kit made by SeeMeCNC

Description with technical specifications from the DropLit page:
Meet DropLit™. Our next generation of 3D printers for makers/hackers/tinkerers. With our world famous laser-cut frames and stainless steel hardware this kit has all the quality people have come to know and trust with our other SeeMeCNC™ desktop 3D printers. Our aim in offering the DropLit™ is to provide a solid foundation for the rapid advancement of the next technological leap in desktop 3D printing. We have one of the most amazing and active communities out there when it comes to delta based 3D printers and look forward to contributing the knowledge that we've all gained and applying it to desktop resin printing.
Droplit™ is an open-source desktop resin based 3D printer *kit* that includes the mechanical parts needed to build and run the z stage. It does not include the projector, you will need to purchase and likely modify a projector separately. We do not provide the projector or any specific models to use, however you can visit our Forum for topics involving which models people have used and what modifications they have done.

Specs (Subject to change):
  • Build Diameter: appx. 3"
  • Max Build Height: appx 6"
  • Layer Height: User defined (avg. .050mm - .1 mm)
  • Power Supply: ATX PC style PSU (included)
  • Electronics: Ardunio UNO + GRBLShiled
  • Firmware: GRBL
  • The Z axis stage is driven by an M5-.8 screw and uses our own design of an anti-backlash nut and spring assembly to hold less than 5 micron accuracy. The nut design can be downloaded and printed here or found on our GitHub page for the DropLit™
We have tested the DropLit™ with a projector with the following specs:
  • 1024x768 or better native resolution
  • 17,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3,000 Lumens output
  • DLP only, LCD will not work
  • Uses Osram 190w P-VIP lamp (removal of the UV filter required)

DropLit homepage: