Jul 23, 2014

Cubespawn is developing modules for your home factory

CubeSpawn is an open source project with the mission to bring automated manufacturing to individuals and small business. It is an open source flexible manufacturing systems (FMS).
They want to develop several machine modules with different functions like 3d printer, laser cutter, saw, lathe, drill and mill which are connected by transport system or conveyor belt. You could make your house own micro factory.
The project is ambitious and I wish them success.

CubeSpawn production cell module under development

CubeSpawn production cell of linked modules connected with motor driven pallet transports system that moves production objects between stations

CubeSpawn homepage:

RepRapWiki page:


here is new video by James Jones, one of the key people of CubeSpawn. He explains secondary effects of CubeSpawn, How it reduces the need for freight, lowers production costs through recycling, democratizes access to making essential things, like emergency response resources or prosthesis and distributes open source hardware through digital templates.