Jul 30, 2014

3D printable low cost foldable Bluetooth head mounted display

Tony created this very cheap piece of DIY wearable eyespace technology. It is foldable wearable display that connects via Bluetooth with your Android or computer.

Everything displayed on this head mounted display is controlled by either an Android phone or a Bluetooth connection to a desktop. Using relatively simple display and simple Arduino means it is limited to text and very simple graphics, but this is more than enough for some useful applications like reading SMS messages and checking email.

From project description:
The OLED display is a small .96" display controlled by an arduino nano board. The display receives text and commands from a HC-05 serial Bluetooth module connected to the arduino. There is also a small speaker and RGB LED connected to the board. The OLED display, RGB LED, and speaker are all controllable over Bluetooth. 
The device is powered by an Adafruit powerboost module connected to a small 0.7Wh lipo battery. The optics are a small mirrored right angle prism and a magnifying lense. The frame and casing is all 3D printed with ABS using a Solidoodle 2 pro printer. 
The Arduino communicates with the OLED display using i2c (inter-integrated circuit). The RGB LED and the speaker use the arduino's digital output pins. The display is controlled over blue tooth using a application running on an Android phone or Linux terminal. The glasses are very portable and foldable.

Total cost ~$60.

Kudos Tony!