Jun 19, 2014

Molten3D TIG welding DIY metal 3d printer by Steve Delaire

Here is new DIY 3d metal printer based on a TIG welding  (Tungsten Inert Gas) process created by Steve Delaire. It is still under development but the project is very interesting as is any attempt to make homemade fully functional metal 3d printer.

It uses cheep standard MIG steel wire you can buy anywhere, it maybe even cheaper then the plastic filament.

The output objects are still very rough shapes but the technology is advancing. TIG molten wire is more similar to water then molten plastics, it creates beads so continuous fine layers are much harder to achieve.

Print results from Steves blog. Still very basic but I'm sure he will improve it. 

Project homepage with much more information:

We have seen similar concept based on MIG welder and inverse Delta kinematics: