Jun 22, 2014

RepScrap DIY 3d printer from salvaged InkJet parts made by Michael Ball

Michael Ball decided to make a 3d printer from discarded printer and scanner parts like some people before him. His build process is very well documented and very educational especially about motor and electronics configuration.  One of the projects goals is to create a 3D printer using DC motors and the salvaged Optical Encoder strips.You will also find his Arduino driver code on the project site.

The total cost of purchased parts for the build is around 355 USD. There are some low cost printers available for the same or lower amount, but this one has bigger print surface and the joy of building it.

Great work Michael!

Here is a video of RepScrap X-Axis DC Motor and Linear Optical Encoder repurposed from an old InkJet Printer. Arduino Pro-Mini is running the DC motor, and reading the high resolution Linear Optical Encoder for positioning.