Jun 19, 2014

Local Motors shows the first drive of their 3d printed electric car Strati

While there is no new information about Urbee 3d printed car, Local Motors is advancing their technology and they just released video of their vehicles first drive.
Only the inner passenger compartment and chassis is 3d printed while electric motor, batteries, suspension, transmission and wheels are not 3d printed but there is probably work to increase number of 3d printed components.

First powered drive video:

Here is a video of 3d printed chassis part:

Here is the video of their design challenge:

And here is the link to a page with submissions, there are some great automotive designs there:

Local Motors 3d printed car design challenge winner 

You can learn more about the comapny an their 3d printing efforts to build printed car here:

Update (21.9.2014.):

The Strati is finished and it is showcased in many places. Here it is presented by the CEO Jay Rogers at MakerCon

More details from this interview can be found on:

Here is some more test driving and details on the Strati by Mashable: