Jun 19, 2014

Hacking used cars with 3d printed custom air intake parts

Someone posted a video that shows how he uses 3d printer to make a custom car part to do some automotive hacking. The part connects air intake and carburetor of two different car types. It links VW Syncro air box and Toyota 4Y carburetor into functional unit. It is a sort of car hacking. You use incompatible non-operational parts to make something new and functional.

Recently I paid 25$ for simpler and much smaller air intake plastic part for my Mercedes A class from 2001. Since it is an older car I had to search several used car parts salesman. Since Croatia is EU such car parts are easier to find now, but some years ago it was much harder and more expensive. I didn't even thin about printing  the par myself since it didn't even cross my mind. next time I'll know better.
There is booming used cars markets in developing countries that also need many spare parts and this is where 3d printers could be of some assistance.