Jun 16, 2014

Formlabs Form 1+ is new flagship SLA 3d printer (update: now with test and review)

Fromlabs released their new Form 1+ upgraded printer. It still has the same print volume as the previous version but performance is significantly improved.

The upgraded Form 1+ features:
  • A higher-power second-generation laser system for faster print speeds
  • A redesigned galvanometer control system for more precise and accurate control
  • Re-engineered mechanical components for better wear and durability
  • A light-blocking injection-molded resin tank for better print consistency – allowing you to store your tanks outside the Form 1. The tank also comes with a stackable lid, helping you manage multiple resins more easily.

Together with it there is a new Preform software in version 1.5

Here is video overview of what's new in Preform 1.5 (manual supports and new materials):

Preform update includes:
  • Form 1+ support (as well as backward compatibility!)
  • Updated EULA reflecting our new warranty information
  • Manual support editing capabilities
  • Black resin material settings
  • Improved print time estimation
  • Improved resin volume estimation
  • .form files now preserve viewing angle
  • handfuls of improvements to make PreForm faster, smarter, and more agile

Formlabs also has new black resin, because, ya know, black is a cool color. It will be priced at $149/liter. It is specially tuned Black to be ideal for models with delicate features and fine details. It may print up to 30% more slowly than other Formlabs resins at the 100 micron setting with the increased cure-time, but the results should be BLACK.

Formlabs has also partnered with UK-based Express Group, a company that will help sell and service the Form 1+ printer in Europe. The printer will be priced at €2,799 in Europe or at $3,299 for USA market.

Update (24.10.2014.):

Here is review and test of Form 1+ by Tested and their 3D printing columnist Sean Charlesworth: