Jun 8, 2014

Do YOU want to be a 3d printer? Human 3d printer!?

At first I was like : "whaaaat" then I got it :-) It is a project to load a STL file into laser guide that will outline a shape on a surface and then a PERSON will manually deposit hot glue or some other material. Layer by layer, 3d "printed" object will be completed. So it is a HUMAN 3D PRINTER!!!!

Yes, you will be human 3d printer

Overview of the whole idea 

Prototype of the laser that will guide you in your  manual human operated 3d printing

The project is under development, all the details can be found here:

It doesn't get more DIY than this :-)

I hope it will be successfully finished and documented :-)

... or maybe it is a joke / prank / statement about technology ... hmmmm ... we will see ...

PS: the term "sculptor" comes to mind ...

Update (9.10.2014.):

Full tutorial for this project is released, now you can make your own laser guide that will make you into human 3d printer :-)

All the details can be found at:

Project is developed by Laura Devendorf and it is an articulated laser pointer that draws g-code output path which can be followed by human operator and filled with various materials to create a 3d object.